Welcome to Nasmat Egyptian Stud

We are a small straight egyptian breeding program, focusing primarily on the cross of Ansata and European bloodlines. We maintain a herd of gorgeous mares Рdaughters and granddaughters of Ansata Hejazi, Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Qasim, Ansata El Ibriz, Ansata Shah Zahir, Ansata Iemhotep, Ansata Sirius, Ansata Nile Falcon, Ansata Nile Commander, Prince Fa Moniet,  Emiratus B & Shahir IASB. We breed 3-8 foals per year to both our own and outside stallions, and for the past several years have leased Ansata bred stallions, such as the Ansata Qasim son Ansata Nile Falcon and the Ansata Iemhotep son Ansata Nile Commander. We welcome you to browse our web site to learn more about our beloved Straight Egyptian horses, and of course please feel free to contact us about making an appointment to see our horses in person Рwe would love to have you!

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